Belarus State Economic University Summer Course

Belarus State Economic University Summer Course

Belarus State Economic University has been preferred by Turkish students for the last 5 years. The main reasons are that the student’s dormitory is located near the university and conditions in them are better than in those of other universities.  The dormitories are located in the center of the city and offer to the students numerous cafés, good food, green parks, pedestrian areas and a river. Especially for the students there is a garden with sport equipment and indoor swimming pool. They can benefit from this service for accessible price. Also in the main block of the university there is a library which can be beneficial for students either. The dormitory which is arranged for our students is located in 10 minute walk from the university. Both the dormitory and the university are situated close to the city center, which you can reach by metro or by bus. There is a kitchen in every floor of the dormitory. The washing room and the rest room are open for students. The student’s block includes 2 rooms for 2 and 3 persons, toilet and bathroom. In every room there are 2 refrigerators and a table for every person. Despite that the entrance and exit hours of the dormitory are fixed, there is a possibility to arrange flexible hours for our students.

              We are official representatives of Belarus State Economic University

Our Service That Is Included In The Program

Before Coming To Belarus

  • Receiving students invitation from the university
  • Arrangement of an obligatory travel insurance
  • Sending of the necessary documents for visa
  • Notarized confirmation of the Russian translated documents in Belarus

After Arrival To Belarus

  • Meeting in the Minsk Airport and transfer to the dormitory
  • Registration in the student’s dormitory
  • Permanent registration in Belarus for a student
  • Arrangement in the student’s dormitory
  • Making health insurance in a proper hospital
  • Registration in the university
  • Education in Russian courses
  • Making of Belarus telephone number
  • Minsk sightseeing tour
  • Consultation during student’s stay in Belarus
  • Receiving Diploma of the Belarus State Economic University after finishing the course

During The Departure From Belarus

  • Visa procedures during the departure
  • Final procedures in dormitory and university