Dormitories In The Minsk State Linguistic University

Dormitories In The Minsk State Linguistic University

MINSK STATE LINGUISTIC UNIVERSITY  There are 3 dormitories which belong to university. 1. Dormitory- which is the oldest one- is located at the Masherova Street. According to the agreement with the university our students stay in a new dormitory. New dormitories are located at the Derjenskogo Street, which is the closest to the train station. Also several other university dormitories are located in this area. Dormitories are located close to 2 shopping malls. The shopping malls include bank, cafés, restaurants and pharmacy. Between the dormitories and the campus there are 6 metro stations. The entrance and the exist of dormitories are watched by supervisors day –and -night.

It is forbidden to live in the dormitory for those who are older than 35 years old.


  • Rooms are in the shape of the block. One room is for 2 persons, the second one is for 3 persons and also there is kitchen, bathroom and toilet. The kitchen, bathroom and toilet is only for 5 persons.
  • In every room there is a wardrobe, working table and bed side table
  • In every kitchen there is refrigerator and oven
  • Paid wire Internet or Wi-Fi
  • In the dormitory there is free sport salon (entrance is provided with medical report)
  • Paid washing room, dryer and ironing
  • On the first floor there is a canteen and cafe
  • Conference and concert hall
  • Study room

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