Education In The Belarus State University

Education In The Belarus State University

Belarus State University (BSU) which was founded in 1921 is the largest university in Belarus. The university has rich history. During the Second World War the university was ruined while its library was also completely destroyed. After the restoration the university started the educational process and then became a leader in 1950’s. Today in BGU 2348 of academic staff have their pleasure to work there. Also the university has its private radio and newspaper. Belarus State University is the institute where lots of foreigner students have a possibility to apply for preparatory classes. The cost of preparatory classes is higher than in other universities. Turkish students prefer to attend university program there because of its fame, recognition and educational quality. The majority of Turkish students usually give their preferences to Philology, which is specialized mainly in Russian literature and translation. Students usually choose such faculties as The Russian Language and Literature, Philology and other. The high quality of education and rich experience of the academic staff help the university to remain its leader position in the sphere of modern education.

Between 2015-2016 among 43776 students have been attended the university. Today 2430 foreigner students are taking education. The university includes 20 faculties, 5 educational institutes, 4 scientific and research institutes, 41 research laboratories, 38 student research laboratories, 13 research departments and 4 museums.

Belarus State University Russian Preparatory Program

The Russian preparatory program at Belarus State University is a program in which foreign students can get the necessary Russian language training, master and doctoral programs. The program continues from the beginning of September till the end of June. Academic calendar covers all the year. The Russian preparatory program at the University starts with alphabet and the second term continues with the auxiliary lessons in Russian. At the end of the program, the university program can be continued. This certificate is also valid for studying and enrolling in universities in all Russian states. You can apply for the Russian preparatory program from July to November.

Belarus State University Russian preparatory training gives you appropriate Russian education in Belarus.

Service That is Included in to the Belarus State University Russian Program

Before Coming to Belarus

  • Receiving students invitation from the university
  • Arrangement of an obligatory travel insurance
  • Sending of the necessary documents for visa
  • Notarized confirmation of the Russian translated documents in Belarus

After Arrival to Belarus

  • Meeting in the Minsk Airport and transfer to the dormitory
  • Registration in the student’s dormitory
  • Permanent registration in Belarus for a student
  • Arrangement in the student’s dormitory
  • Making health insurance in a proper hospital
  • Registration in the university
  • Education in Russian courses (35 academic hours per week)
  • Making of Belarus telephone number
  • Minsk sightseeing tour
  • Consultation during student’s stay in Belarus
  • Receiving Diploma of the Belarus State University after finishing the course

During the Departure from Belarus

  • Visa procedures during the departure
  • Final procedures in dormitory and university
  • Transfer to the Minsk airport and farewell

Note: In case of departure from the country during the semester break in the Russian preparatory program, the entry and exit fees and the required health screening on return to the country are not included in the program services of the student.