Belarus State Medical University Preparatory Program

Belarus State Medical University Preparatory Program

Belarus State Medical University is the leading medical training university in the Republic of Belarus with international recognition and competence. It dates back to 1921 when the University of History was founded as a part of the State Medical University. The medical faculty became an independent university in 1930. On June 28, 2001 Minsk State Medical Institute received the name of Belarus State Medical University as the leading educational institution of the country. In 1925  first 21 graduate doctors received their diplomas. In 1930 it was established in the medical department of the State Medical Institute of Belarus. Between June 1941 and October 1943, the Institute stopped its work and continued in Russia afterwards. In 1944, the Institute returned to Minsk. In 1960 the Dental Faculty was established. In 1964, it started working in the Faculty of Pediatrics and Preventive Medicine. In 1967 Faculty of Medicine for foreign students was opened in the university. In 1971, the Minsk State Medical University was awarded a state medal by the USSR for the custody and the achievement of public health. In 1995, the Military Medical Faculty was opened. In 2001, university achieved the title and position on the topic of high medical education.

Our Service That Is Included Into Program

Before Coming to Belarus

  • Receiving students invitation from the university
  • Arrangement of an obligatory travel insurance
  • Sending of the necessary documents for visa
  • Notarized confirmation of the Russian translated documents in Belarus

After Arrival to Belarus

  • Meeting in the Minsk Airport and transfer to the dormitory
  • Registration in the student’s dormitory
  • Permanent registration in Belarus for a student
  • Arrangement in the student’s dormitory
  • Making health insurance in a proper hospital
  • Registration in the university
  • Education in Russian courses (35 academic hours per week)
  • Making of Belarus telephone number
  • Minsk sightseeing tour
  • Consultation during student’s stay in Belarus
  • Receiving Diploma of the Belarus State Medical University after finishing the course

Note: In case of departure from the country during the semester break in the Russian preparatory program, the entry and exit fees and the required health screening on return to the country are not included in the program services of the student.