Life in Minsk


Minsk is the common Slavic capital. Buildings, architecture, transport, infrastructure, airports and hospitals are very similar to those in other Slavic countries. Belarus differs from other cities by its cleanliness and the government system. Minsk also has high security system. Local people are peaceful and obey rules and regulations of the government otherwise they will face negative consequences. There is no racism in this country, the foreigners are welcomed warmly. The possibility of facing improper behavior, fights, larceny or something of the kind on the streets is very low. From my own experience I can obviously say, that I have never witnessed any kinds of these events.

Minsk can be considered as the city of universities, institutions and dormitories. The capital of Belarus also has extended green areas. Parks, gardens, rivers, lakes are all designed for free people use. There are no stray cats and dogs on the streets. As for the living cost of students it is quite low. The students who live in dormitories spend around 300 dollars per month on all his or her personal expenses. The students who stay in their rented flats and houses spend also extra 500 dollars on living costs. The transport is very cheap, the entertainment possibilities are limitless. And there is no money limit for students who love night life.

Belarus is very calm country from one hand and entertaining from the other. Cafes, bars, discos, restaurants are overcrowded every day and night. The places are full with people because the prices are suitable according to their earnings. Also all casinos in Belarus are legal.