Russian Language Courses in Belarus Minsk

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Master s Degree in Belarus Universities

In USSR period Belarus was known as educational center. Institutions which remain from USSR times are still continuing their activities. In Minsk there are 30 universities and intuitions. Education and attending Russian courses in Belarus have become popular in past years. The students especially Turkish students are highly welcomed. In general education and attending Russian courses in Belarus are cheap in comparison with other countries. In daily life %98 of people speak Russian. The main requirement to get Master’s or Ph. Degree in Belarus is to speak Russian well and to pass the official exam. If student cannot pass the exam he or she should attend preparatory classes. Preparatory classes last one year. If student attended other Russian courses in another country and know Russian he or she does not have to attend classes in Belarus. Some universities offer higher education in English so students can learn both the Russian and English languages.

Minsk Russian Courses Class Day Out

Russian Language Summer Courses

We give our preference to the Minsk State Linguistic University Russian summer courses. The majority of students in World want that courses for studying Russian should also include Russian language and literature, Russian Translation and Interpretation. The main peculiarity of learning any language is to be in good command of theoretical knowledge, practical issues, grammar, pronunciation and speech practice. In the Minsk State Linguistic University, Russian language and literature faculty involves specialist staff with training. Russian courses include each semester and over 15 groups at different levels. This course is the leading one in Belarus.  The student’s oral and written level is conducted on the day of arrival at the university. This provides students to join the appropriate group according to their level. Also you have the chance to be one of other students who came from different countries to learn Russian together you.

Belarussian Universities

Higher Education in Belarus

Academic program in Belarus starts in September.  The main requirement to take education in Belarus is to speak Russian well and to pass official exam otherwise students should attend preparatory classes. At the end of the preparatory classes students should take the official exam. Students who pass the official exam continue their higher education. Also High school diploma is needed to attend higher education. Our firm will take care of other procedures.In USSR period Belarus was known as “education center”. Intuitions and universities of higher education which were founded in USSR period are still continuing education. Belarus is full of dormitory universities and intuitions. Especially in Minsk more than 30 universities and institutions are located. For the last period of time higher education and also Russian courses in Belarus have become popular among foreigners in this county.  To live in cities of Belarus is very cheap and the prices of dormitories are very low.

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Minsk State Linguistic University

January, 3 Start Date

Registration to new and advanced Russian Language course for Winter Term has been started!!!

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Minsk State Linguistic University

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Minsk State Linguistic University  is located in the center of the city and includes 2 main buildings. The dormitories are located 15 minutes away from the university. Turkish students usually prefer to take education especially in this university. Also students who graduate from this university have a number of opportunities to work with foreign languages in different spheres of everyday life. Moreover there is professorship chair for the Turkish Language. Beside MBA, PHD and undergraduate programs the Russian courses continue its work during 12 months per year.

Minsk Innovation University


Minsk Innovation University (MIU) was founded as an institute in 1991. The university acquires brilliant reputation among other high ranking universities according to its academic staff, buildings and dormitories. According to the comfortability of dormitories university takes the 57 place in the world list. Also the agreement with Switzerland confirms the level of educational quality. The dormitories are located in 50 meters away from the university. The comfortable dormitories provide Wi-Fi, hot water and the heating system 24 hours. The entrance to the dormitory is conducted by the entry-pass.

Belarus State Economic University


Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) which was founded in 1933 is highly preferable for students who want to take education in the sphere of business and economy. 11 faculties and Baburusk campus are located in Minsk. Belarus State Economic University is an educational institute which is the best one for students who want to take education in these particular spheres. During preparatory classes education which take place before the main undergraduate program students also take basic math courses. The university is highly popular with Turkish students for the last 5 years.

minskLife In Minsk

Minsk is a University city. We can see every moment as a college dormitories and students staying in institutes around the town. Parks, gardens and lakes has become the most frequented places for people to spend their leisure time arranged for the comfort of the city public river.  Read More

mglu yurtDormitories

Belarus Minsk is located within the university campus. There are two accommodation options in our country. It is in the form of block or room. Accommodation consists of two adjoining blocks of rooms and toilet rooms, 5 people can stay. Negotiated dormitories are comfortable .Read More

kurs ucretlerCourse Fees

Word Platinum Tourism Education Consulting Services company as the main target is Belarus in higher education take and intent of those who want to attend Russian language courses and appropriate training programs to the demands and conditions, to the settlement with the best prices on Russian language courses .Read More

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Minsk State Linguistic University Certificate Authority

mslu inyaz temsilcilik sertifikasi

Belarus State University Certificate Authority


Belarus State Pedagogical University Certificate Authority

Brest State Technical University Certificate Authority

Baranovichi State University Certificate Authority

Mogilev State University Of Food Technologies Certificate Authority

Belarusian State University Of Informatics And Radioelectronics Certificate Authority

Brest State University Certificate Authority

Grodno Yanka Kupala University Certificate Authority