Russian Language Education in Belarus

Russian Education in Belarus is a great way  to learn russian and become fluent in the russian language. It is very important to know foreign languages. Belarusian education is ranked among the best ones, and the Belarusian specialists are much in demand in the world. Therefore, both our citizens and foreign students wish to study in the higher educational establishments of the Republic. Belarus has been involved in training foreign students since 1961. Graduates from both state and private universities are granted state diplomas. Establishments providing postgraduate education include higher educational establishments, scientific and other organizations empowered to engage in postgraduate education in accordance with established procedure.

Russian Language Education in Belarus is also popular among foreign students. 50 institutions provide paid russian russian education services to foreign citizens; the education is given mostly in Russian.

Why Learn Russian Language Education in Belarus?

We assist foreign students interested to study in Belarus with head office in Minsk, Belarus. We have rich experience in international education and assisted thousands of students in realizing their goal to study in the Belarus. We have established ourselves as an authoritative source on Belarus higher education. Services provided can include: Assessment, University selection, Organization strategies, Application assistance, Pre-departure orientation, etc.

Word Russian with its prior knowledge in working with foreign universities and also the requirements of International students can correlate and give proper higher education advice on the exact university for study in Belarus and course to be taken up.

If your interested in studying the russian language courses in Belarus please contact us.