Russian Prep Programs

Preparatory year is not included in formal academic year. After that successful students have a great possibility to continue their higher education. Unsuccessful students are, unfortunately, expelled from education. One of the main requirements to take master programs is to speak Russian well and to pass successfully the official university exams. Preparatory classes in Belarus last 1 year. Academic year starts in the 1st of September and lasts 10 months. Generally education starts with alphabet. At the end of preparatory classes successful students continue their higher education. To take Russian education in Belarus has become very popular. At the end they receive certificate which provide unique opportunity to continue their academic life in every Belarus and Russia University.

Education and attending Russian course in Belarus have become popular because of high inflation, complex cities, cosmopolite structure and ongoing war in Ukraine. Russian courses in Belarus are highly enjoyable. Tours, trips, visiting museums, introduction of Belarusian culture, activities in campus make education more enjoyable for students. One of the most important advantages of the courses is that students can learn Russian with daily interactions by making practices.


  • Minsk State Linguistic University
  • Belarus State Technical University
  • Belarus Economic University
  • Belarus State Economic University
  • Belarus State Technological University
  • Belarus State Medical University
  • Belarus State University of Culture and Art

To be able to start the education in time it is important to apply for program 45 days beforehand