Minsk State Linguistic University Russian Courses

Minsk State Linguistic University Russian Courses

The Russian Language courses in the Minsk State Linguistic University last every month during the year. The lessons are given by professional staff; 20 academic hours per week and 80 hours per month. In the sphere of education the Minsk State Linguistic University is considered to be the leader. All the study material is given by the library. You can study Russian from scratch together with other foreign students, because this university due to its international cooperation invites lots of foreign students. No less than 15 groups are constantly studying Russian. The course starts from different level of student’s knowledge. With the help of writing and oral exams which are held during the first days after the student’s arrival, it is possible to arrange students in different groups. Especially during the Russian summer courses students come from Turkey to study in such faculties as Teaching, Communication and Interpreting. There are no any boundaries for Russian courses.  You can determine the length of the study yourself!

Programs to study Russian from scratch start on October, January, Mart, June, July, August.

Moreover you can study Russian with a private tutor (10/20 academic hours per week)



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