Universities in Belarus

There are many Universities in Belarus for higher education learning and to learn Russian as a second language.

Belarus has a well-developed education system that offers up-to-date training in a wide range of professions. Some 99.7% of Belarusian adults and 99.8% of the youth are literate. This is one of the highest literacy levels in the world. Belarus has one of the highest student-to-population ratios in the CIS with 467 students per 10,000 people, with only Russia (523) and Ukraine (488) recording a higher level. To compare: there are 314 students per 10,000 citizens in Austria, 277 in Germany, 343 in Italy, 315 in Japan.  Education in Belarus is free at all levels, higher education included. The government ministry that oversees the running of the school systems is the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Each of the regions inside Belarus has oversight of the education systems, and students have the ability to attend either a public (state) or a private school. The current structure of the educational system was established by decree in 1994. The education system is also based on The Education Code of the Republic of Belarus and other educational standards. The aim of the education system is an upbringing of a spiritually, morally and emotionally rich person.

Here is a list of great  universities in Belarus offering education in different areas that we are certified education partner.