Minsk State Linguistic University

Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU), founded in 1948, now is the leading higher education institution in Belarus, that specializes in foreign languages. MSLU proves learning of 22 foreign languages, such as English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Korean, Swedish, Polish, Lithuanian, Dutch, Farsi, Hebrew, Finnish, Urdu, Hungarian, Russian, Belarusian.

Students graduated from MSLU can obtain the following professions according to the faculty they studied at:

  • A linguist. A teacher of two foreign languages
  • An intercultural relations expert. A consultant interpreter
  • A linguist. An interpreter and translator.

There more than 7000 students from Belarus and 60 other countries that study and about 1,500 experts that work at MSLU. Graduates of MSLU, that workas translators, public affairs experts, tourist guides, teachers, journalists, reporters, software testers are always in demand both in Belarus and abroad.

The university has modern equipment, such as simultaneous interpreting rooms, phonetic laboratories used to teach foreign languages ​​to students. Apart from this, the university has a recording studio, online and video conference rooms. In the library of the university you can find books in 115 foreign languages, including Russian and Belarusian. MSLU cooperates with various foreign higher education institutions, the UN, UNESCO, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and carries out international activities in an active way. Students and teachers participate in Erasmus + and TEMPUS student exchange programs.

  1. Foreign literature;
  2. Belarusian language and literature;
  3. Russian as a foreign language;
  4. Computational linguistics;
  5. Rhetoric;
  6. Orthophony;
  7. Country studies;
  8. Literary translation;
  9. Specialized translation;
  10. Simultaneous interpreting;
  11. International tourism;
  12. Information services;
  13. Public affairs;
  14. Foreign policy and economic relations.

There a world-renowned scientific school, more than 10 scientific and research programs, 3 thesis defense boards at the university.

A student life at MSLU is full of various interesting events. The university provides students with the opportunity to develop their creative abilities, to do sports and to realize their dreams. Students can sing choral or pop songs, practice folk or modern dances, participate in KVN (humor contest) and various creative projects.

The sports complex of the university has well-equipped play rooms, and tennis courts, an athletic gym and a corrective gymnastics gym. Students can go in for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletic gymnastics, infighting, self-defense, wushu, taekwondo, orienteering, according to their wishes.

Below there is a table that contains information about faculties of MSLU and tuition fees.


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