Minsk State Linguistic University

Minsk State Linguistic University is the leader in a Linguistic educational sphere in Minsk. The university professionally conducts the teaching process of 18 languages. In the future MSLU also plans to give Finnish language education. There are 9 main faculties in the university (translation, information service, public relations, foreigner politics, foreigner economics, literature, computer science, communication technologies in business area and digital marketing).

Also the university offers MBA, PHD in all scientific areas. Firstly MSLU offers translation, communication methods, information analysis and foreign language as graduate programs.

The university is located in the center of the city and includes 2 main buildings. The dormitories are located 15 minutes away from the university. Turkish students usually prefer to take education especially in this university. Also students who graduate from this university have a number of opportunities to work with foreign languages in different spheres of everyday life. Moreover there is professorship chair for the Turkish Language. Beside MBA, PHD and undergraduate programs the Russian courses continue its work during 12 months per year. The students are divided into groups according to their levels of language skills. They take education in classrooms with 10-14 people.

The gym and the health center are furnished with modern equipment and located in the university. The students go to the gym, play basketball, tennis, volleyball, football according with their interests. The gym centers are also located in dormitories.


There are 3 dormitories which belong to university. 1. Dormitory- which is the oldest one- is located in Masherova street. According to the agreement with the university our students stay in new dorms. New dormitories are located in Derjenskogo street, which is the closest to the train station. Also several other university dormitories are located in this area. Dormitories are located close to 2 shopping malls. The shopping malls include bank, cafés, restaurants and pharmacy. Between the dormitories and the campus there are 6 metro stations. The entrance and the exist of dormitories are watched by supervisors day –and -night.

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