Medical Education in Belarus

Belarusian medicine is very famous both at home and abroad due to its high quality and relatively low costs. Every year patients from more than 140 countries come to our country to undergo treatment. This is the most evident indicator of a high level of the development of our medicine. Our doctors are especially famous for their success in the field of surgery and organ transplantation. İn terms of the number of surgeries Belarus has taken the lead over Russia coming up with the USA and France. Our physicians most of all are proud of the fact that women who have undergone organ transplantation then give birth to completely healthy children. Meanwhile, the only woman in the world, who gave birth to two children after undergoing liver and kidney transplantation, lives in Belarus. Also, the infant mortality rate in Belarus is one of the lowest in Europe. Nowadays our doctors operate even on newborn children’s hearts and thus save the smallest lives.

So, what does the high level of Belarusian medicine depend on? Of course, it depends on the skills, experience and labor of high-qualified medical professionals. Belarus pays attention to medical education and contributes greatly to its development. Future medical professionals study at following educational institutions:

  1. Belarusian State Medical University
  2. Vitebsk State Medical University
  3. Vitebsk State Veterinary Medical Academy
  4. Gomel State Medical University
  5. Grodno State Medical University

In these educational institutions highly teaching staff works hard. Teachers share their knowledge and experience not only with Belarusian students, but also with foreign students, so that medicine is developed in every country and all people are healthy. Foreigners are always welcome to Belarus. Students from Europe, Asia and Africa study in Belarus, then come back home and develop medicine in their homeland.

Belarus Medical Education

The reasons for choosing Belarus as a place for studying medicine are the following:

  • Highly qualified teaching staff

The opportunity of of highly qualified teachers and professors to adopt the experience, medical specialists from Europe, Israel, Russia and Japan at various scientific meetings forms the basis of efficient learning and advanced professional development.

  • Affordable tuition fees (≈ $ 4,000 / an academic year)
  • An opportunity to do practical training abroad.

Every year, the most successful students do internships in Poland or Germany.

  • Universities equipped with modern laboratories and modern medical technologies

Classes are equipped with multimedia projectors and TV sets. Access to various leading medical magazines is provided in the library.

  • An opportunity to choose the language of tuition

A student has an opportunity to study in English or Russian .

  • The medical degrees got by students are recognized by the world institutes.


These degrees are recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), Educational Commission For Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG, Philadelphia, USA), Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education Education (Lithuania), Ministry of Education and Higher Education (Republic of Lebanon), Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS , Dallas, United States), medical institutions of India, Sri Lanka, Ireland etc.