Belarus State Economic University

Belarusian State Economic University (BSEU), that always develops and looks for new and effective methods of teaching, is the leading university in Belarus, which specializes in economics. BSEU trains experts in such spheres as economics, management, law and communication. The specialties of BDEU are always up-to-date. Graduates of BSEU are always in demand. The economic education students receive in Belarus is held in respect by different countries.

Tuition in BSEU for foreign students is paid. İt is possible to hand in documents, necessary for entrance to the university, from August till October. İf the interview of foreign students runs successfully, they join Belarusian students and study with them under equal conditions. By the way, there is the preparation department in BSEU. At this department foreign students can learn Russian or Belarusian and then apply for entrance examinations.

Belarus State Economic University

Everyone, who wants to be a marketing specialist, a banker, an accountant, a first-class tour operator or to study international logistics or business, is welcome to BSEU.

A dormitory. There a dormitory in BSEU that is specially provided for foreign students who study at the university or attend Russian language courses. This dormitory is 5 minutes’ walk from the university.

There a lot of opportunities for students to do sports in the dormitory. Students can go in for such sports as athletics, yoga, darts and wrestling.

A student life. Students of BSEU are the solidary community of talented young people. Students not only study at the university, but also develop art, support the cultural traditions of different nations and create the atmosphere of goodness and creativity. Talented students participate in national and international art festivals and win them. In addition, students of BSEU take part in concerts, performances and other activities in order to help the poor, patients and orphans. The most popular student cultural projects at the university are ‘The student of the Year’ and ‘Miss BSEU’.

A sports complex

The sports complex of BSEU consists of:

  • Volleyball and basketball venues
  • A gym equipped with modern technologies
  • An aerobics hall
  • A swimming pool, that includes 4 tracks

There experienced doctors, that are on duty, and coaches, that watch students at the sports complex.

Below there is a table that contain information about undergraduate and graduate programs and education fees.