Belarus State Economic University

Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) which was founded in 1933 is highly preferable for students who want to take education in the sphere of business and economy. 11 faculties and Baburusk campus are located in Minsk. Belarus State Economic University is an educational institute which is the best one for students who want to take education in these particular spheres. During preparatory classes education which take place before the main undergraduate program students also take basic math courses. The university is highly popular with Turkish students for the last 5 years. International management and Tourism management are the most popular faculties. Especially Tourism management is very important for Turkey.

Education in Russian, international tourism, dormitories, gardens, parks and walking paths provide European standards of educational system. The gym center, swimming pool is also located in the university.  Also students can benefit from the library. The dormitory is located in 10 minutes away from the university. Both the dormitory and the university are located close to the metro and autobus lines. The common kitchens are located in ever floor of the dormitory. The resting and the studying rooms are open for student’s usage. The rooms in dormitory are structured as blocks. 3 people and 2 people stay in 2 rooms, sharing the common kitchen and the bathroom. In every room there are 2 refrigerators. The entrance and the exit hours are fixed but it can be arranged especially for Turkısh Students.