Belarus Money & Banking

Belarus use Rubles, which are different from Russian Ruble. 1 July 2016 in Belarus currency new currency was adopted. Together with paper money also coins were turned out. In Belarus you can convert your money to dollars, euros or Russian Rubles for 24 hours. 1 Us DOlLAR is equal to 2.57 Belarusian Ruble. Nowadays 10 Belarus Ruble New (BYN) = 4 USD

The money transfer is very easy with Western Union but it will cut 10% of your sum of money. Also the latest system which is called UPT provides fast money transfer, but it is only available in Alpha Bank. System is also called Unistream. In Belarus with the help of the Unistream you can easily transfer your money. Money can be easily used after it is transferred by Unistream.

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