Health Insurance & Medical Care in Belarus

Every student who comes to Belarus needs essential health insurance for his or her visiting period. With the help of the health insurance students can benefit from free health services in public health institutions in case of injuries and accidents. Also before every academic year starts the students need check-up control. Check-up includes blood tests, eye test, lung x-ray, KBB.  According to the test results, those who have medical problems can treat in the hospitals. Students who pass medical tests positively can continue their higher education. Students can benefit from student hospitals in case of flue or other sickness. Medicines can be found in pharmacies. For example, dentists are much cheaper than in Turkey. The health insurance does not include medicals of students. The health insurance includes accidents and injuries which occurred in Belarus. But operations and chronic diseases are not included in insurance list. The Republic of Belarus pays great attention to the health of the individuals. The government also takes care of your transportation to hospital if it is needed.