Student Life in Belarus

So, why is Belarus so popular among foreign students?


  1. A large selection of higher education institutions

There are 51 higher education institutions in Belarus (universities, academies, institutes). By the way, nine of them are private. Everyone will definitely find here something suitable according to their interests and abilities. Belarus provides opportunities to acquire knowledge in deep and fundamental areas of expertise, but most of all this country is famous for its strong scientific schools, that deal with physics, mathematics and natural sciences.

2. Affordable tuition fees and high-quality education.

Studing in Belarus is more affordable than in USA, Canada and England, but the quality of education is so high as in Western Europe.


3. There 2 languages of tuition: they are English and Russian.

Foreign students opportunities to study at 29 higher educational institutions, where there are 73 educational programs in English.


4. The opportunity to feel at home

Belarus is a multi-ethnic country. Representatives of various countries and cultures get used to Belarus very quickly and feel very comfortable. Helpful and friendly Belarusians are famous for their tolerance and hospitality. Higher educational institutions of Belarus are proud to be very experienced in teaching foreign students and to help them feel at home. Curators are ready to answer Belarus is a multi-ethnic country. Representatives of various countries and cultures get used to it very quickly and feel very comfortable. Helpful and friendly Belarusian people are famous for their tolerance and hospitality. Belarusian higher education institutions are proud to be very experienced in teaching foreign students and to help them feel at home. Counselor teachers are ready to answer all questions of the first-year students and help them.


5. An opportunity to get a double degree

Diplomas of Belarusian universities are recognized in many countries. Meanwhile, Belarusian universities cooperate with overseas universities and organize various joint educational programs. At the end of the studying, graduates receive double degrees.


6. Accommodation opportunities for foreigners

Each university provides foreign students with a relatively cheap dormitory.


7. An opportunity to do sports

Belarusian universities have their own sports infrastructure. Universities provide students with all opportunities to do sports. Everyone who does sports can participate in university sports teams, that win prestigious competitions, including international sports competitions.


8. A joyous life

Studying at the university doesn’t mean just attending classes. As most people say, the best period of time is the studentship. That’s why students should spend this period of life in a funny, colorful and memorable way. Universities can help you with it. If you are a student of one of the Belarusian universities, you can find occupation according to your skills and interests. If your voice is beautiful, you can join the choir of the university or you can come on the stage of the university and sing solo. If your sense of rhythm is good and you are full of energy, you can join the dance community of the university and participate in various festivals and ceremonies. If your communication skills are good and your diction is perfect, you can be a representer of various activities. If you are keen on writing and your imagination is wide, you can work as the author or editor of university magazines.

You can also spend good time outside the university. Theatrу, cinema, museum tickets are relatively cheap. You can go there and enjoy it. If you are hungry, you can visit various restaurants and try delicious dishes including Bularus cuisine. Meanwhile, different privileges such as discounts are provided for students in Belarus.


9. Opportunities to learn Russian and Belarusian

Belarusian universities offer foreign students various courses of Russian and Belarusian languages. Apart from that, there are opportunities for distance learning of Russian and Belarusian. Russian is one of the official languages ​​of Belarus. Here almost everyone speaks Russian accentlessly. It is a great opportunity for foreigners to make friends with Belarusiians and improve Russian with them.

10. Rich Belarusian culture.

Belarusian culture has a long history. Only visting Belarus you see with your own eyes everything you have read or watched about this country. Present-day Belarusian culture is very dynamic. Various art exhibitions, music, theatre and cinema festivals are organized in Belarus. The architecture of the Belarusian cities is very striking and eye-catching.


10. The beauty of nature

The nature of Belarus is unique. In songs our country is called as Belarus with blue eyes. Why? Because Belarus has 10 thousand lakes and more than 20 thousand rivers. Belarus is a flat land with no mountains. Belarus is a country covered with greenery. 40% of the land is covered with forests where animals such as foreign pigs, foxes, rabbits and deer live. Green parks, botanical gardens are among the most popular places of rest.


11.High level of security

Crime rate in Belarus is very low. Belarus ranks 38th in the list of safest countries for women. Belarus is the safest country among all member countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Belarus’ta suç oranı baya düşük. Kadınlar için en güvenli ükleler listesinde Belarus 38. sırayı aldı. Bağımsız Devletler Topluluğuna gürenler ülkelerin arasında ise birinci oldu.