Russian Summer Courses

We give our preference to the Minsk State Linguistic University Russian summer courses. The majority of students in Turkey want that courses for studying Russian should also include Russian language and literature, Russian Translation and Interpretation. The main peculiarity of learning any language is to be in good command of theoretical knowledge, practical issues, grammar, pronunciation and speech practice. In the Minsk State Linguistic University, Russian language and literature faculty involves specialist staff with training. Russian courses include each semester and over 15 groups at different levels. This course is the leading one in Belarus. The sightseeing is made by teachers from time to time. The student’s oral and written level is conducted on the day of arrival at the university. This provides students to join the appropriate group according to their level. Also you have the chance to be one of other students who came from different countries to learn Russian together you.

Russian summer term courses in Minsk State Linguistic University in general starts in June and lasts till August. This course gives any student a chance to learn the language from different levels, even from the ground. Minsk State Linguistic University doesn’t limit Russian course in no case. 1 up to 12 months or even 1 week is also possible to choose. In order to be able to study at the course you should apply for them 30 days beforehand.

Service That Is Included Into The Summer Course Program

Before Coming To Belarus

  • Receiving students invitation from the university
  • Arrangement of an obligatory travel insurance
  • Sending of the necessary documents for visa
  • Notarized confirmation of the Russian translated documents in Belarus

After Arrival To Belarus

  • Meeting in the Minsk Airport and transfer to the dormitory
  • Registration in the student’s dormitory
  • Permanent registration in Belarus for a student
  • Arrangement in the student’s dormitory
  • Making health insurance in a proper hospital
  • Registration in the university
  • Education in Russian courses ( 20 academic hours per week)
  • Making of Belarus telephone number
  • Minsk sightseeing tour
  • Consultation during student’s stay in Belarus
  • Receiving Diploma after finishing the course

During The Departure From Belarus

  • Visa procedures during the departure
  • Final procedures in dormitory and university
  • Transfer to the Minsk airport and farewell