Belarus State Culture & Art University

The university was founded as A.M Gorky Minsk State University. After the foundation of Culture University it developed new branches and new faculties became available. Also 2 dormitories were built at that time. After the increasing interest of Art activities, the musical faculty was founded. In 1989 the university started to issue different graduate programs. Because of the national change in early 90’s the university implemented a reform of art and culture education. After that the university started to work for the development of educational plan which is parallel to European educational standards.

The university has preparatory classes which provide only two semesters of the Russian language course. Dormitories and the university are located together. The university is located in “ Institut Kulturi” metro station.


The international relations have become important and then master programs were founded. On 26 November of 1996 the university was chosen by ministry of education as the leader in the art area. Several theatres, art exhibitions and many buildings at the Moskovskoya Street joined the university. In 2003 the university started a new process. Many new majors and faculties were opened. Due to the social-cultural changes many names of faculties were changed. In 2004 the university name changed to The Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts. In 2000’s the university participated in national and international forums, festivals.

Nowadays the university pays great attention at how to protect Belarus cultural heritage. In 2011 with the help of reformist, intellectual and qualified academicals the university became suitable for 150-9001-2009 standards. More than 25000 people graduated from this university. The university still holds a high position among other Belarusian universities because of its reforms and scientific studies in art.