Belarus State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU) is the leading Belarusian medical institution, that has won international authority and reconition. The university has been functioning since 1930.

One of the reasons foreign students choose this university is the fact, that the diplomas awarded at the university are recognized almost everywhere in the world. Education at BSMU complies with all international standards.

BSTU cooperates with foreign partners in an active way. Every year BSTU signs about 15 agreements, that provide scientific and academical cooperation with educational and scientific institutions .The university is open to new international relations.

More than 2000 foreign students from 100 countries graduated from BSMUso far. BSMU is the guarantee of a successful career. Among the graduates of this university are successful ministers, ambassadors, branch managers of the Ministry of Health, hospital administrators, professors, associate professors, that operate in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


By the way, there is the preparation department at the BSMU. At this department high school graduates attend Russian, biology, chemistry and physics courses in order to enter the university. The term of apprenticeship at this department is 8-10 months.

At this educational institution highly-qualified teachers do their best in order to train great specialists. Teachers share their knowledge and experience not only with local students, but also with foreign students, so that medicine is developed in every country and all people are healthy. The gates of our country are always opened for foreigners. Students from Europe, Asia and Africa study here, then they return home and develop medicine there.



General Medicine

The Faculty of General Medicine is the oldest and the most popular faculty at the university which provides training of specialists engaged in medical activity in the field of strengthening and preserving health, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and disease prophylaxis in adult population.

Preventive Medicine

The Faculty of Preventive Medicine is the only Faculty at the Republic of Belarus which prepares specialists for practical disease-preventive service of the Republic of Belarus. The main goal is to preserve and ensure the well-being of population. The graduates of the faculty provide primary diseases prevention to the population of the Republic of Belarus.


The graduates of the Pediatric Faculty provide medical and consultative assistance for practical Public healthcare service. The faculty carries out training in four basic specialties:  pediatrics, pediatric surgery, pediatric anesthesiology and reanimatology, pediatric gynecology and obstetrics.


The top target of the Dental Faculty is to prepare a dentist. After appropriate specialization graduates can work as dental therapists, orthopedists, dental surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, etc.

Military Medicine

The Faculty of Military Medicine trains specialists for the Armed Forces and other military formations of the Republic of Belarus. Graduates are awarded a military rank of Senior Lieutenant of Medical Service.

Medical Faculty For International Students

The Medical Faculty for Foreign Students provides training in Russian and English languages in the following specialties: «General Medicine», «Dentistry», «Preventive Medicine» and «Pharmacy». The training is carried out on a fee paid basis. Graduates are awarded Internationally Recognized Diplomas.


The pharmaceutical education combines knowledge of chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical disciplines with knowledge of the pharmaceutical business organization , work of pharmacies, management and marketing, pharmaceutical ethics and deontology.

Career Guidance and pre-University Training

The Faculty of Career Guidance and Pre-University Training provides training on subjects that are passed by applicants as entrance examinations to medical universities, biological faculties of other higher educational institutions, as well as institutions providing specialized secondary education.

The reasons foreign students choose Belarus to study medicine:

  • Highly-qualified teaching staff

The opportunity to adopt the experience of highly qualified teachers and professors, medical specialists from Europe, Israel, Russia and Japan at various scientific meetings forms the basis of efficient learning and advanced professional development.

  • Affordable tuition fees ( ≈ 4 000 $ per an academic year)
  • Opportunities todo an intership abroad

Every year the most successful students do internships in Poland or Germany.

  • Classes equipped with modern laboratories and modern medical technologies

Classes are equipped with multimedia projectors and TV sets. There an access to different leading medical magazines, provided in the library.

  • An opportunity to choose language of tuition.

Education is given in English or Russian according to the request of the student

  • The medical degrees obtained by the students are recognized by the world institutes