Russian Language Course In Belarus

Belarus is the country in which Russian Language is widely spoken by the local population. In daily life 98% of local people speak Russian. The language of the official education is Russian. The country is known by its cleanliness, welfare and security among other European countries. The living standards are rather high.

During the USSR period Belarus was known as “educational center”. That is why the number of institutes and universities are famous and easily recognizable. In Minsk there are more than 30 universities and intuitions. These facts show us that Belarus is attractable in the sphere of education.

Therefore learning Russian and attending Russian courses are possible in every city of the Belarus. To live in Minsk, in the capital of Belarus, of course, is more expensive than in other cities. But the education in general in Belarus is more economical than in other countries including Turkey.

Also in Belarus people have high intellectual level, while distribution of common wealth is fair. Due to this fact local people are peaceful, open-minded and friendly. The country is clean and has high security level according to the European standards. In Belarus it is possible to learn Russian in more economical way with equal wealth distribution. Every university in Belarus offers higher education possibilities for foreigner students. That is why it is possible to take part in the Russian courses, Russian preparatory programs. The education in Minsk suggests you to learn Russian in short periods of time by attending daily activities. Our firm also offers you wide choice and numerous possibilities in the sphere of modern education.

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