Belarus State Technology University

Belarusian State Technological University (BSTU) is a madern, prestigious and dynamically developing stydy, scientific and work center, that operates basing on the world innovative technologies. Scientists of the university participate in 230 projects provided by 35 scientific and technical programs. More than 400 public enterprises and institutions cooperate with BSTU.

Modern equipment used at the university in accordance with international standards enables the university to enter the world market of advanced technology products, scientific and technical development. Therefore, the university is equipped with modern technical facilities of leading foreign manufacturers, along with a center of physical and chemical research methods. İt gives the opportunity to conduct scientific researches and to train competent engineers at a high level.

As soon as students enter the university, they participate in scientific researches, which enable them to understand needs of the labor market and participants of a concrete market. Being members of 120 scientific unions, creative laboratories and communities, students improve their scientific research skills.

Belarus State Technological University

BSTU develops international relations in an active way. 118 educational and scientific institutions of 29 countries are among the partners of BSTU. Thanks to its improved international relations, the university participates in international projects and programs such as TEMPUS, Baltic Sea Region, CEI, Norway-Eurasia. Every year undergraduate and graduate students go abroad to participate in scientific and technical activities such as international conferences, seminars, symposiums, and to exchange experiences.

Today the ability to learn quickly at work and to solve problems that arise quickly is particularly appreciated at the labor market. We can proudly say that BSTU trains such experts.

Below there is a table that contains information about undergraduate and graduate programs and tuition fees

Belarus State Technological University Faculties

  • Chemistry and Technology Faculty
  • Technological Science Faculty
  • Economy and Engineering Faculty
  • Forest Engineering Faculty
Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering(Russian/ English)4 years


Faculty of Print Technologies and Media Communications(Russian/ English)4 years


Faculty of Engineering and Economics (Russian/ English)4 years


Faculty of Information Technologies(Russian/ English)4 years


Master’s programs1-2 years3400$/4700$