Brest State Technical University

Brest State Technical University (BrSTU),is the largest technical university in the Brest region, established in 1966. There 6 faculties and 29 specialties at the university. More than 7000 Belarusian and foreign students study at the university. The teaching staff of the university consists of 437 experts, including academic degree holders. BrSTU, that participates in international projects, is a member of the The Association of European Civil Engineering Faculties (AECEF), the Baltic Sea Academy Association and the Technical University Association. Apart from that, there is a quality management system, that operates at the university.

Brest State Technical University

BrSTU pursues innovative activities in an active way. The university carries out many scientific researches in the areas such as construction, architecture, mechanical engineering, information technologies, ecology, economics.

The university places special emphasis on the commercialization of its scientific developments. Scientists and experts of BrSTU participate in innovative activities aimed at the facilities of real economy.

The advantages of studying at BrSTU are the following:

  1. A large varieties of of specialties: :

construction, logistics, gas and water supply, information technologies, mechanical engineering, car service, marketing, economy, nature conservation activities, etc .;


  1. A high level of training:

The specialists who graduated from the university have senior positions both in Belarus and abroad.


  1. High-qualified teacher staff:

40% of the teachers, that work at the university, received master’s or PhD education. In addition, teachers from overseas universities also work here.


  1. Opportunities to stay in comfortable dormitories.


  1. Convenient transport system. Also, there is an opportunity at the university to study license at the training center that trains drivers and at a driver’s license


  1. Interesting and colorful student life:

A student club student, that includes student scientific communities and various creativity communities, intelligence games club, KVN (humor competition), competitions, concerts.

  1. In addition to the main education, there is an opportunity for the students to get additional specialty, to continue education attening master’s and PhD programs.