Grodno Yanka Kupala State University

Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala (GrSU) was founded in the city of Grodno in 1940. Now GrSU is the third best university in Belarus according to the Webometrics ranking. GrSU offers its students various specialties. Education fees at GrSU are lower than at the universities of Minsk.

In 2011, the university was given the status of scientific institution . In 2014, the university was included in the list of the best educational institutions of the Commonwealth of Independent States. By the way, students at GrSu use electronic student ID cards.

İn 2010, GrSU received the national and international quality management certifications, which complies with ISO 9001-2009 and ISO 9001: 2008 standards.

The university participates in student exchange programs such as Erasmus, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience), MOST.

In 2016, GrSU became the founding partner of the first innovative media set in Belarus. This media set aims to develop in the Grodno region competitive information space by creating effective communication mechanisms between public administration, educational and scientific institutions.

Duration of training is 4 years. Upon successful completion of training participants receive a diploma of higher education of international standard.

There are 17 departments within the university structure
  • Faculty of Biology and Ecology
  • Military Faculty
  • Faculty of Arts and Design
  • Faculty of History and Sociology
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science
  • Faculty of Pedagogy
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Tourism and Service
  • Faculty of Physics and Engineering
  • Faculty of Physical Training
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering and Construction
  • Faculty of Innovative Mechanic Engineering
  • Association of Socio-Humanitarian Departments
  • Faculty of Professional skills upgrading and retraining «School of Tourism and Hospitality


What is GrSU? GrSU is

  1. 11 130 students (784 of whom are masters and 142 are PhD students);
  2. The number of university staff is 2 000 (723 of them are teachers, 44 are doctors of science, 343 are candidates of science, 39 are professors, 265 are associate professors.);
  3. 15 faculties;
  4. 5 departments;
  5. 15 university buildings;
  6. 5 student dormitories;
  7. 12 scientific laboratories;
  8. A scientific library that contains 700 000 books in English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Ukrainian.

Below there is a table that contains information about departments of GrSU and tuition fees.