Baranovichi State University

Baranovichi State University (BarSU), that was established in Baranoviçi in 2004, is one of the most successful universities providing education in engineering, economics, pedagogy, psychology, foreign languages and law. The university, where about 5800 students study, is open for both Belarusian and foreign students.

Baranovichi State University

BarSUU is:

  • Training of highly qualified specialists specializing in education, economics, law, mechanical engineering, information technologies and agriculture,
  • Scientific, innovative and international activity,
  • The center of promoting the ideology of the Belarusian people, its cultural and historical heritage and the success of Belarus. Belarusian success.

BarSU aims at being an innovative center of higher education in Belarus . BarDÜ includes:

  1. 87 laboratories, classrooms equipped with computers and specialized classrooms;
  2. 18 departments;
  3. Distance education department;
  4. Turkish language and culture center;
  5. Chinese language and culture center;
  6. 130 agreements signed with higher education institutions abroad that provide international cooperation;
  7. A campus consisting of 3 comfortable dormitories:
  8. The Russian language courses;
  9. Summer school of the Russian language.

Below there is a table that contain information about undergraduate and graduate programs and education fees.