University Education Scholarship in Belarus

Since September 1, 2018 Belarus has been providing foreign students with 100 university scholarships every year. Only students who have gone through all selection stages can be offered scholarship. The scholarship is financed by the state budget.

Scholarship Belarus

Selection of foreign students consists of the followinh 3 stages:

  1. Students who want to study at Belarusian universities submit required documents to the embassy of the Republic of Belarus.
  2. The Ministry of Education conducts a meeting. At this meeting lists of preliminary candidates and submitted documents are examined. Also the list of candidates, that pass to the third stage of the selection, is prepared. Students whose grade point average is less than 7.5 (or less than 75%), according on a scale of one to ten, don’t pass to the third stage of the selection. Grade point average is specified in the school-leaving certificate.
  3. An interview is conducted in order to determine the Russian level of the student. It should be sufficient for understanding and operating higher educational program in Russian. The interview is conducted by the examination board. Meanwhile, the interview can be conducted in a remote way via information and communication technologies.

Travelling, living, food, health insuarance and visa costs are covered by foreign students.

Foreign students are given scholarships. In addition, the student’s rscholarship can be risen for their success in learning, scientific and social activity. Moreover, the state can provide financial aid to foreign students. Students are provided with a paid dormitory.