Registration Process

An educational Visa is required to study in Belarus.  The training invitations are required for educational visa. Also to make visa-free entry to Belarus cannot be implied to the training. We must get permission from the relevant consulate to come out with an invitation from the country. Therefore, we will arrange a highly relevant visa before your coming to the country as soon as you decide to which university you will apply for education. Until you start the course you also can consult us.

Documents Required For Registration

Copy of the passport (is required for pre-registration.)
Photocopy of ID card
Criminal records certificate
Resident certificate
Diploma or certificate which shows the education level (for master’s programs and doctoral programs)
health report of a health establishment
6 passport-size photographs
The pre-registration is also required a passport photocopy. All other operations including document translations, notarized detailed medical reports, diplomas translation (for preparation programs, university education for master’s and doctoral programs) are made by our company in Belarus.

  1. RESEARCH: Students, directly or consulting us can contact our representatives in Turkey and get the consultation of an education adviser. Our consultants will answer all the questions that interest you without any fee.
  2. DECISION: Russian schools and courses in education you are interested in are arranged by our consultants in Belarus. The Russian course and all the information you need to make the right choice in the sphere of education is given to you in detail. Our consultant will help you in the selection of Russian course also provide the information about procedures that are required for school registration process, moreover tell you all the documents and information necessary and then you will choose an appropriate program together.
  3. PRE-REGISTRATION: If you have selected the school program and get all the information about the cost of the Russian course you should collect all the necessary documents for pre- registration. To be ready for pre-registration and visa invitation for education only passport photocopy is required. The notarized copy of passport and the Russian translation can be done in Belarus.
  4. INVITATION: We fill in your name and the registration form will be given to the university. We make your application. Your acceptance is 100% guaranteed by our company.
  5. TRAVEL ORGANIZATION: We make your booking flights during this time according to your request. Because of the fact that airline tickets prices vary in time, we will inform you about all the alternatives. This allows you to make the most appropriate choice. Of course, you can choose the way you want according to your own preferences before applying for your journey. To organize your journey by edersiniz.viz where airline tickets are lower in price is simple and advisable.
  6. VISA PROCEDURES: After the training invitation with the help of our company foreigners immediately subscribe compulsory travel insurance for the duration of their presence in Belarus and then send invitation, passport and visa means to Ankara. Our company prepares the visa application form on your behalf and applied for a visa. Delivered passport and your visa will be sent back to your address. The process generally involves 5 working days.
  7. DEPARTURE ORIENTATION: After obtaining a visa you are to decide where you will stay in. There is a great variety of choice to rent a flat, a house or to stay in dormitory. The extra accommodation is up to you to decide. To reach the city from the airport there are lots of possibilities: bus, car, taxi and others that also can be organized by our company.
  8. COUNTRY COMING: When we meet you in the airport, we will accompany you to permanent or temporary accommodation, active registrations, health screenings, will help in the process of adaptation to school and country, even after that we will stay with you for support as close a friend. We have big experience in providing trust and support to our students. Our company is for you to help in any time during your stay in Minsk in questions of accommodation, official acts, documents, registrations and etc. We provide all kinds of support service issues for you to feel free and get education without problems. We are very responsible and honest.