Learning Russian in Belarus

The Russian language

which is spoken by a large community of our country and of the world recently has gained popularity and high importance. ​​This is a language that is widespread in all spheres of our life. Lately, in Russia, in the former Eastern Bloc, in the Central Asian countries and in countries with rapidly growing commercial, cultural, economic and touristic spheres knowing Russian is highly important. To build close and confidential relations with these countries qualified and skilled human resources are needed. We were near them at difficult periods, especially in the tourism sector, hotels and travel agencies where the staff speaks Russian. For these reasons, particularly in the tourism sector and in other sectors people who speaks Russian is very easy to find.


You can study Russian in Belarus universities in more economical way and moreover practicing it every day

Belarus universities offer quality education for those who want to learn Russian.  Also they offer a safe environment and very peaceful economic conditions. Last year Russia made partnerships with the number of countries, which required personnel who can speak Russian. In the Republic of Belarus the universities have already worked out the system of teaching foreigners of all ages the Russian language together with participating in the development of the Russian language courses. In Belarus in Minsk everybody can study language regardless age and other peculiarities.

The importance of the Russian language

Russian is one of the today’s most important business languages which were accepted by all authorities. To learn Russian is now extremely important and, by the way, not very cost-based. Recently, because of the unstable political situation in Ukraine, lots of students come to Belarus to study languages. There are many universities in the capital of Belarus, in Minsk, where Turkish students together with other foreigners can easily apply for the Russian preparatory classes and other numerous language courses. It is an educational option that requires time to learn Russian. Therefore, the Belarusian university preparatory classes are very advantageous. Russian is the language spoken in the world of business, economy and international relations. The Russian preparatory program is of one academic year duration, approximately 9-10 months of Russian educational program. After finishing the program the students will eventually be able to speak Russian fluently and will have an evident advantage while applying for a job. Of course, this is one of the most important conditions that will help the students to speak easily on a daily basis and feel free in continuing practicing the Russian language in an everyday life.