Traveling to Belarus

Belarus is located in the middle of the Europe. The county shares its borders with Russia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. You can travel to Belarus by train, by car and also by plane


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Most of the tourists use airlines to travel to Belarus. International airports are located in every state. But the “Minsk-2” airport is the largest one in the country. It is located 30 km away from the capital. Tourists can reach the capital by bus. Also there is a possibility for you to benefit from taxi or car renting for 30 euros. Travelling to Moscow by airway is also possible.


  • Belavia ( the state airlines in Belarus)
  • Airbaltic
  • Czech Airlines
  • Utair
  • Airflat
  • Austrian Airlines



You can use train stations in Europe to reach Belarus. The railway links Belarus with such cities as Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Koln, Prague, Budapest and others. Also Belarus is linked with Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia.

Train stations link together 2100 towns in the country. The Republic of Belarus has highly developed infrastructure with 21 stations.



All visitors must have their travel insurance. You can make health insurance at the airport. Health insurance for Belarus costs 170 euro per year, 31 euro per month and 3-6 euro for short trips. People who come to Belarus should fill in the gaps with the personal information in a migration card, which is generally given during the flight by stewards.  Also if your travel is longer than 5 days you should made your registration for residence permit. International Organization for Migration does not work on Sunday and Monday so these days are not included in 5 days. If you stay in hotel than the administration will take care of these issues for their customers themselves. That is why students and travelers should pay great attention to the migration card which is given during the flight otherwise you will have to face several difficulties.