Travel Insurance

Under the law foreigners who wish to enter Belarus should have travel insurance from 25.08.2016, 53025.08.2016, №530. The insurance provides security for visitor in case of an accident and injuries. According to the laws of the Republic of Belarus travel insurance can be made in Belarusian firms and other foreigner companies.


Article Of Insurance Include

  • Insurance operates only within the Belarus borders.
  • Name, surname, address of stay, name of organization issued the insurance should be written clear.
  • Insurance should cover your trip period
  • Guaranteed minimum at 10 000 euro
  • If foreigners do not have insurance they are not allowed to enter the country.


Embassy of the Republic of Belarus checks travel insurance while foreign citizens apply for visa. We recommend that visitors should get insurance before application.

Foreign citizens are not permitted to enter the country of the Republic of Belarus unless they have a travel health insurance. Foreign citizens applying for a Belarus visa are asked to have their health insurance before the visa application, as the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Belarus has checked that there is no health insurance for travel abroad. In some cases, insurance may be out of the question when obtaining a visa. You are certainly not allowed to enter the country.

We take care of all travel insurance applications for our students