Belarus National Technical University

Belarusian National Technical University (BNTU) is the largest technical university in Belarus that was founded in 1920 in Minsk and is recognized by the international scientific community. Being a member of European Universities Association and International Association of Universities BNTU is identified as the main technical university among universities of member states of the UN.

Successful programmers, mathematical modeling experts and engineers graduate from BNTU. Students have an opportunity to stay in one of the 17 dormitories and benefit from rich scientific library for free.

More than 1,500 foreign students from 33 countries study at BNTU. This is an indicator of the high level of education at the university.

BNTU cooperates with 114 overseas higher educational institutions . This university most of all develops cooperation with higher educational and scientific centers in England, Austria, Germany, China, Korea, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Syria, Finland, Sweden and Switzeland. In addition, Optical Materials and Technology scientific research center at BNTU collaborates with world-famous scientific centers such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Boston, USA), University of Hamburg (Germany), University of Saint Andrews (Great Britain). BNTU plays an important role in the educational and scientific programs organized by TEMPUS (Trans European Mobility Plan for University Studies), UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

The university is proud of its graduates who are appointed to senior positions and contribute to the establishment of the strong and prosperous Belarus. Also, in 1947 Zhores Alferov who is the world-famous Nobel Prize winner (2000), started his education at BNTU.

BNTU, that has developed infrastructure, pursues active innovative activities. BNTU collaborates with the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences by conducting joint researches.

BNTU played an important role in the developing of the design and construction of the unique Belarusian National Library made in diamond shape, Minsk metro, Minsk Arena sports complex.

The sports center of BNTU is one of the most advanced sports centers in Belarus. There are 18 gyms, stadiums, ski and bicycle centers and sports areas at BNTU. BNTU has held the top spot in interuniversity sports competitions for years.

BNTU is the guarantee of your future success.

Below there is a table, that contains information about departments and tuition fees at BNTU.

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