Master’s Degree Programs in Belarus

A master’s degree provides an opportunity to see PhD education in the future and to work in the field of bachelor’s and master’s specialization. In addition, those who have a master’s degree have more chances to be hired in comparison with other candidates. Recognition and confirmation of undergraduate education is a must for foreign citizens who want to get a master’s degree in Belarus. According to a Bologna system, everyone who has received a bachelor’s degree in any country, that is a member of Bologna process, can join master’s degree programs in any country, that follows Bologna system . The main language of graduate education in Belarus is Russian, but some departments offer programs in English.

Students that want to join master’s degree programs in Belarus are selected according to the following criteria:


  1. Marks in majors that are indicated at a university diploma;
  2. An interview that determines the level of the knowledge of Russian.

If a student’s level of Russian is not sufficient, they have get an additional education, that lasts 1 year.


Period of study. Master’s degree programs last 1 or 2 years. İt depends on the department vary according to the department and way of studying (inramural and extramural education).Extramural education usually lasts a bit longer than inramural educarion.


Tuition fees. Tuition fees of master’s degree programs range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000. The fee depends on the department you choose, the language of tuition (English / Russian) and the way of studying.

Submission of documents

Foreign citizens that can visit Belarus without visa come to Belarus and submit the required documents to the university in person.

Foreign citizens that can’t visit Belarus without visa send the copies of the required documents by post or e-mail.


Required documents:

  1. Application addressed to the rector of the university (you can find an application form on the site of the university you have chosen). Foreign citizens that can visit Belarus without visa complete fill up the entry form. They hand in the application when they come to Belarus .;
  2. The original diploma of higher education, that contains information about grades and disciplines studied by the entrants;
  3. Copy of the higher education diploma’s translation into Russian, certified by a notary. The diploma also must contain information about grades and disciplines studied by the entrants;
  4. The original passport of an entrant;
  5. Copy of the the translation of the entrant’s passport into Russian, certified by a notary. ( it must be translated in Belarus);
  6. A health certificate and a certificate, that confirms the absence of HIV infection. Both certificates are made in the country of origin of an entrant;
  7. 4 Photographs (size:3*4 );
  8. A health сertificate issued by the doctor’s board of the Health Organization of the Republic of Belarus (issued after obligatory health examination).