Russian Language Courses In Minsk

We offer Russian language courses both in the state and private universities. The Russian language courses are held by Russian teachers. By the way to learn Russian in the Russian speaking country with different practices and listening activities is very logical choice. The course study includes 4 hours a day, 5 days a week; in total there will be 80-96 hours for the whole term of study. An academic hour can be longer or shorter because of the different arrangements of the companies and universities.

The universities with which our company has an official arrangement offer educational system which is based on months and hours. All the necessary material and academic books for study are given to students by university. The course includes tours, trips to museums and different cities. The Russian course with” Word Russian” company offers educational possibilities which include not only education itself, but also the culture of Belarus and the life of local people.

Before course starts every students should pass placement test. For courses there is no age limit and no diploma required. The only Minsk State Linguistic University does not accept students above 35.

Moreover if you want to have private courses in Russian, please contact our organization (10 or 20 academic hours per week)


  • Minsk State Linguistic University
  • Belarus State Technological University
  • Minsk Innovation University
  • Belarus State University
  • Belarus State Economic University

To be able to start the education it is very important for you to apply for courses in 30 days beforehand!!!