Transportation & Communication

All regions in Belarus are linked within the country and at the same time with other neighboring countries by railways. You can reach Poland, Russia and Ukraine by railway very easily. Also trams, bus transport, metro are very popular with those who go within the city. The transport system in Belarus is highly developed and very cheap. Students can benefit from transport, buying a travel card for a month (30$). In general this travel card has 3 different options: bus, metro and tram. For every option person is to pay 18 dollars, where for one way ticket everybody pays 0.55 rubles. Due to the low prices on petrol taxi is also very popular with local people. You can easily find a taxi on the streets every time. In general metro works between 5:30-0:00 every day. There are 3 main mobile providers in Belarus:  Velcom, Life, and MTS. Due to the fact that The Life provider is a partner of Turkcell and the main state mobile provider to call Turkey subscriber through Life is 3 times cheaper than through other providers. The international telephone code of Belarus is +375. If you want to call Belarus mobile subscriber you can use your telephone card or call at the post office. Calling from Turkey you are to dial “80” than “90” (international code of Turkey) and finally the personal telephone number of a Belarus subscriber. The Internet system is not developed at an appropriate level. The internet is available only in the internet cafes and at the post offices. You pay 2 dollars per hour of internet usage. Also students can benefit from 3G services to get access to the internet. There are 3 GSM companies in Belarus. Velcom, Mtc, Life. Life is also 3 times cheaper than other GSM operators. The post service is well developed. The students can use the Dhl and Ups international cargo systems. Also the state post service has options of fast delivery, but in this case the cost of package sending is rather high.

Minsk Metro