Belarus State University

Belarus State University (BSU) which was founded in 1921 is the largest university in Belarus. The university has rich history. During the Second World War the university was ruined while its library was also completely destroyed. After the restoration the university started the educational process and then became a leader in 1950’s. Today in BSU 2348 of academic staff have their pleasure to work there. Also the university has its private radio and newspaper. Belarus State University is the institute where lots of foreigner students have a possibility to apply for preparatory classes. The cost of preparatory classes is higher than in other universities. Turkish students prefer to attend university program there because of its fame, recognition and educational quality. The majority of Turkish students usually give their preferences to Philology, which is specialized mainly in Russian literature and translation. Students usually choose such faculties as The Russian Language and Literature, Philology and other. The high quality of education and rich experience of the academic staff help the university to remain its leader position in the sphere of modern education.

Belarus State University takes the first place among other high ranking universities in Belarus and gets in the list of the 500 best universities of the world. Belarus State University is the leading university in studying the Russian Language by foreigners. Also  in Turkey recognizes the university diplomas as well. It has 10 different dormitories.

The international Faculty for foreign students suggests the higher education, preparatory courses and Master’s program.

Between 2015-2016 among 43776 students have been attended the university. Today 2430 foreigner students are taking education. The university includes 20 faculties, 5 educational institutes, 4 scientific and research institutes, 41 research laboratories, 38 student research laboratories, 13 research departments and 4 museums.