University Education In Belarus

Belarus has an advanced educational system that provides training of different specialists who are ready to work very efficiently in the modern world. Education in Belarus is very prestigious, quality and open to all people.

Belarus, that is a participant of the Bologna process since 2015, is often preferred by foreign students. Factors such as advantageous geographical position of Belarus , high security level, low costs, and quality education attract foreigners.

İn Belarus there is an opportunity to study in more than 50 higher educational institutions, the doors of which are open to all nations. Nowadays more than 20 thousand students from different countries study in our country. Our the most frequent guests come from Turkmenistan, Russia, Turkey, China, Tajikistan, Iran, Lebanon and African countries.

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The most leading and popular universities in Belarus are the following:

  • Belarusian State University;
  • Belarusian National Technical University;
  • Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics.

Different bachelor’s and master’s programs, an opportunity to get a double degree ( one of them is given in Belarus and the second one in Europe), listeninig to conferences in English and joining distance courses attracts attention of foreigners.

Students studying in higher educational institutions of Belarus have an opportunity choose one of a wide range of specialties and to participate in various scientific researches. Universities, that provide studying in more than 300 fields, are equipped with advanced technologies. After graduating from a university most of the students can work in successful international companies, governmental institutions and various enterprises. World-renowned people graduated from Belarusian universities with great success.


  • Subhaj Benerci (a graduate of Belarus State Medical University from India, a professor, the head of the cardiology department at the University of Texas);
  • Klaudio Migel Galarza (a graduate of Belarusian State Medical University from Ecuador, a successful researcher of Harvard University);
  • Fam Tkhe Longa (a graduate of Belarusian State University from Viyetnam, the rector of Viyetnam State Technical University);
  • Karimov Gazanfar Babahan Oğlu ( a graduate of Belarusian State University, a judge of the Azerbaijan Court of Appeal);
  • Mahmudov Samidillo (a graduate of Belarusian State University, a deputy of the Uzbekistan Parliament).f

By the way, tuition fees for foreign students at Belarusian universities are affordable. The tuition fee depends on the university and department chosen by the student. Tuition fees for one academic year range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000.

If you decided to become a student of one of the Belarusian universities, we offer you the following plan of actions:


Step 1. Сhoose the university you want to study at (you can find the list of Belarusian universities on the homepage of our site).


Step 2. Determine your level of Russian

Your level of Russian should be sufficient for understanding the program of the higher education. If your level of Russian is not enough, don’t worry. Almost all universities have special preparatory courses. Preparatory courses usually last a year. Moreover, there is an opportunity to study in English. However, English education is valid only for certain departments, not for all departments


Step 3. Submit required documents.

Documents required for studying at Belarusian universities:

  • An application to the university you want to study at.

İn this form you point out the department you have chosen and the type of studying (inramural and extramural education). Also, your application must include your full postal address, email address, and phone number, so that you receive your invitation. You can find the application form on the site of the university you have chosen.

  • Russian translation of documents, that indicate information about grades and disciplines studied by the entrants (transkript, diploma.). The translation must be certified by a notary.
  • Russian translation of passport pages or copies of other documents, that confirm the identity of a person. The translation must be certified by a notary. İt must indicate the country the person comes from, their full name written in Latin letters, passport number and validity term.


Step 4. Interview

After your application is reviewed, an invitation to the interview is sent to you. İn order to get a student visa you take with you the interview invitation and apply to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in your country.The original documents you sent before via post, the original of the birth certificate and its copy, 6 photographs ( 3 * 4 size), a health certificate and a certificate, that confirms the absence of HIV infection hepatitis and tuberculosis are required for the interview. All documents must be translated into Russian and certified by a notary.


Step 5. Signing of training contract.

If you succeed in the interview, you sign the training contract with the university. In the meantime, you need to have health insurance with you in order to undergo treatment in Belarus. Only after all these procedures an order, that confirs your being a student of the university,  is issued.


Step 6. Your arrival in Belarus.

According to the Belarusian legislation, foreign citizens must register for temporary residence in Belarus.


Step 7. Studying at the university and discovering of Belarus