University Education In Belarus

Study University in belarus without exams. Prices starts from 2000$. Contact our company to arrange all the questions.  We are with you in all visa procedures, consultation, registration, arrangement in dominators.  There are all faculties for you to study medicine, sculpture, economy, tourism, electronic, translation, literature, culture and art,

In USSR period Belarus was known as “education center”. Intuitions and universities of higher education which were founded in USSR period are still continuing education. Belarus is full of dormitory universities and intuitions. Especially in Minsk more than 30 universities and institutions are located. For the last period of time higher education and also Russian courses in Belarus have become popular among foreigners in this county. Therefore Belarus welcomes all foreign students. To live in cities of Belarus is very cheap and the prices of dormitories are very low. There are two official languages in Belarus – Russian and Belarusian. The official language of education is the Russian language. Moreover the majority of local people, nearly 98%, also speak Russian.

One of the main requirements to take the education in Belarus is to speak Russian well and to be successful during the official Russian Language exam. If students do not know Russian they must attend Russian preparatory classes in university. Russian preparatory classes last one year. To be successful in preparatory classes is the main requirement to continue higher education. The university education in Belarus is only possible in English and Russian. By the way diplomas and certificates are recognized in other European countries.

Belarus State University, as the leader among universities for master degree programs and PHD, is located in 500 in world rankings. University is recognized by YÖK in Turkey. That is why we undoubtedly advise you to take the education in Minsk State University.


  • Belarus State Economy University
  • Belarus State Medical University
  • Belarus State Technical University
  • Belarus State University
  • Minsk Innovation University
  • Brest State University
  • Grodno State Medical University
  • Minsk State Linguistic University
  • Polotsk State University
  • Belarus State Technological University
  • Belarus State Radio Electronic University
  • Belarus State Maksima Tanka University