Russian Language Course Fees

The main aim of Word Platinum İnternational Educational Consulting Company is to choose an appropriate program for those students who want to get higher education in Belarus or to apply for the Russian language courses. That is why our company provides service according to your budget and possibilities. Contact our company in case of some questions and elaboration of the necessary information.

The last day to apply for  Russian Course in the Belarus State Technological University, which starts on 5th September, is 1 August!!!  not only high quality University in Belarus, but also to the best quality service at reasonable prices of our Minsk Company. For other questions consult our specialists!

Russian Language Courses Offered by State Technological University

( fee includes our services )

Russian Language Courses Offered by Minsk State Linguistic University

( fee includes our services )

Our Services That is Included into Total Fee Specified Above

Before coming to Belarus

  • Receiving students invitation from the university
  • Arrangement of an obligatory travel insurance
  • Sending of the necessary documents for visa
  • Notarized confirmation of the documents Russian translation in Belarus

After Arrival To Belarus

  • Meeting in the Minsk Airport and transfer to the dormitory
  • Registration in the student’s dormitory
  • Permanent registration in Belarus for a student
  • Arrangement in the student’s dormitory
  • Making health insurance in a proper hospital
  • Registration in the university
  • Education in Russian courses
  • Making of Belarus telephone number
  • Minsk sightseeing tour
  • Consultation during student’s stay in Belarus
  • Receiving of the Diploma after finishing the course

During The Departure From Belarus

  • Visa procedures during the departure
  • Final procedures in dormitory and university
  • Transfer to the Minsk airport and farewell
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