Grodno State Agricultural University

On January 17, 1951, it was decided to establish an agricultural institute in Grodno. At at the beginning of the institute’s activity 175 students entered the first year and 25 students entered. At that time 24 teachers, 7 of whom were candidates of science, worked at the institute. The Faculty of Plant Protection was opened in 1962. Then the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty of Accountancy were opened.

On 30 June 2000 then institute was transformed into Agricultural University. The university has trained more than 22 000 highly qualified specialists working in agricultural plants, scientific and research institutes.

Grodno State Agricultural University

At 28 departments of the university work 275 teachers, 19 of whom are doctors and 145 are candidates of science. The university consists of 6 buildings, 6 dormitories, canteens, stadiums, libraries, museums and sports clubs. Students actively participate in various concerts, competitions and festivals.

Master’s education is given in 8 specialties and PhD education is given in 2 specialties. Senior students do internships not only at the best agricultural plants in Belarus, but also abroad.

There all l conditions for students to do sports at the university. 43 students of the university were awarded the title of master of sports of Belarus. Among the graduates of the university are world, European and Belarus champions.

Grodno State Agricultural University (GSAU) provides all foreign students with dormitories. GSAU owns 7 student dormitories. Every dormitory has all conditions for comfortable living of students. A monthlu cost of dormitories of GSAU is $35. Students who do not want to stay in a dormitories can rent an apartment.

Grodno is a large city that develops in dynamic way. At Grodno there are all opportunities for students to have fun and spend their free time in an interesting way. Grodno is a city rich of historical buildings. There are two theaters, Catholic and Orthodox churches and two castles in Grodno. A lot of cultural events are organized in Grodno. In Grodno students visit museums, philharmonic and a big zoo.

GSAU does its best to keep students healthy and active. Students participate in competitions and visit exhibitions at home and abroad and thus gain great experience.