Dormitories and Accommodation in Belarus

All universities in Belarus provide foreign students with dormitories. In general, these dormitories are the most preferred way of accommodation of students. Some dormitories are very close to universities and some of them are far from them. This depends on the university.

In Belarus in Minsk dormitories are located in campus. There are 2 main options for housing: block or apartment. Block housing consists of 2 separate rooms and bathroom. 5 people can live in block. In an apartment housing 2, 3 or 4 persons live in the same room and share common bathroom. In every floor there are kitchens. Students can easily cook their meal. Also students can benefit from cafes which are located near dormitories. The entrance and the exit are regulated by supervisors. Dormitories are located close to university campuses. The hot water is provided for students for 24 hours. The heating system works in winter period. The Wi-Fi system is installed in every room. It is our prime goal to provide calm and secure conditions while you study Russian in Minsk. The students from China, Germany, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Turkey are staying in dormitories. Our main goal is to provide best housing conditions while you are taking education.

Most of the foreign students stay in the dormitories called Student Village, located near the Petrovşçina metro station in Minsk. We can call this place a youth neighborhood. Young people take a walk outside , sitting on benches sing songs to the accompaniment of a guitar, make jokes, laugh loud. Since the metro is very close to Student Village, you can easily reach every part of the city from here. The dormitories are located in the area full of developed shopping centers, markets and cafes. These dormitories, that are similar to 3-star hotels, have a block system. Each block is divided into two rooms, such as room A, where two students stay , and room B, where three or four students stay. There are also a toilet, a bathroom and a kitchen. Each room has desks, chairs, beds, bookcases and wardrobes. Undoubtedly, girls and boys stay apart. The kitchen has a dining table, chairs,a refrigerator with a deep-freezer, stove, various kitchen-cupboards and a sink. As you can see, there are all conditions for cooking and eating with your roommates. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to cook. Because in the dormitory there is a canteen, where you can buy very delicious fresh, nutritious and aromatic dishes cooked by Belarusian chefs. There is a laundry in every dormitory. There for a small fee you can wash your clothes and take it back dry, ironed and clean. As for the internet, it is paid in the dormitories If you are fond of sports and want to stay fit, there gyms equipped with various exercise equipment in every dormitory. In addition, there are sports facilities such as parallel bars in the courtyards of the dormitories and a large stadium behind them

Accommodation and Dormitories Belarus

You do not have to go far when you are sick, because there is a student polyclinic in the Student Village where you can undergo examination and treatment. There work highly qualified doctors.

You should pay attention to the the main rules of the dormitories and the entrance and exit times. The time, when students can enter and leave dormitories, is between 06.00 and 00.00. Alcohol and smoking are not allowed in the rooms of dormitories. Students responsible for cleaning the rooms. Rooms are checked from time to time in order to maintain order in the dormitories. Students enter dormitories by means of special passes, that contain your name, your photo, the number and address of your residence.