Belarus Student Visa

Belarusian student visa is a type of visa that gives a right to enter Belarus and study there. Usually the university, that the foreign student wants to enter, helps them get a student visa.

Student visa receiving goes as follows:

  1. The university prepares the invitation letter and approves it in the Citizenship and Immigration Service (A student usually sends a copy of their passport in advance);
  2. The student receives their visa.

A foreign student can receive a visa from two authorities:

  1. The Embassy of the Republic of Belarus abroad;
  2. The airport of the Republic of Belarus (on the student’s arrival to the airport).

Documents Required for Visa Belarus

Passport (expiry date at least 6 months or 1 year)
Belarus Travel insurance (not sent by us consulate)
Training invitations (are sent to the consulate by us)
1 passport size photo
Visa questionnaire (visa tool prepared by the institution)
$ 2,000 worth of the bank accounts held in your name document (can be requested if necessary)

Types of Visa for Entering Belarus

Business visa
Tourist visa
Guest visa (90 days)
Education visa
Transit visa (2 days)
Visa Services
Diplomatic visa

Belarus Visa Example

Custom border authorities in Belarus are not allowed to enter Belarus to those whose passport are worn out, wiped out, obsolete, damaged or have missing pages.

Foreigners departing from Belarus are obliged to report money amount without entering the red line at the customs gate if the amount of the foreign currency they have brought out of Belarus is above 3000 USD. A special permit is required to issue for amounts above 10,000 USD. If the amounts in excess of US $ 3,000 are determined on foreign nationals departing from Belarus without notification, the beatings are confiscated by Belarus customs authorities.


İf the student receives the visa at the airport Republic of Belarus, the university must register the invitation letter at the Department for Foreigners of the Office of Consular Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs no later than a few working days before the student arrives in Belarus. Moreover, the representative of the university should meet the foreign student at the airport and help them get their visa.

As a rule, the university provides the student with a single-entry visa with the maximum duration of 2 months. Using this visa the student comes to Belarus to take exams or to submit their documents to the preparatory department. As soon as the university accepts the student, it gives them the necessary documents to receive their temporary residence permit, which gives them a right to stay in the Republic of Belarus for an academic year. The following permit is extended for another year in the next academic year. These procedures continue until the student finishes the university.

İf a foreign student decides to leave the Republic of Belarus (for example, to visit relatives on vacation), they can apply for an exit and entry visa. Thanks to this visa, the student can leave Bularus and come back easily.

If a foreign student is expelled from the university, the temporary residence permit is canceled. For the student’s returning home an exit visa is issued.